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migratory, many now reside here year- round. There are three major north-south migratory fl yways (Pacifi c, Central, Atlantic) and nearly 600 Important Bird Areas in Canada ( At Oak Hammock Marsh, Manitoba, some days the sky is dark with birds and quacking reverberates like thunder. The Belleisle Marsh in Nova Scotia is excellent for summertime viewing of waterfowl, pied-billed grebe, short-eared owl, northern harrier, bobolink and warbler species, and there are countless bird classes found in the Bay of Fundy area. Beautiful fl ocks of gannets and colonies of puffi ns can be found on Bonaventure Island and the Magdalen Islands in Québec, as well as at the Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve in Newfoundland. MUCH MORE This is but a small sampling, a teaser, to encourage you to get outdoors and see the vast panoply of creatures that live in Canada. KILLER WHALE, VICTORIA, BC • CTC/PRINCE OF WHALES WHALE WATCHING For your guide to the adventure of a lifetime: 1-855-NUNAVIK | NUNAVIK-TOURISM.COM 43

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