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Quttinirpaaq National Park on Ellesmere Island ( ). HERITAGE AND CULTURE Throughout Nunavut are sites once used by nomadic Inuit. Stone rings marking the locations of skin tents used in summers are commonly spotted. In Qaummaarviit Territorial Park, near Iqaluit, semi- subterranean sod houses used by Thule people between AD 1200 and 1700 can be seen ( parks-special-places/territorial-parks/ qaummaarviit). There are also many Hudson's Bay Company trading posts, remnants from the 19 th century whaling era and, on Beechey Island, the graves of three men from Sir John Franklin's ill-fated 1845 search for the Northwest Passage. In September 2014, one of Franklin's ships, the HMS Erebus, was found by a remotely operated underwater vehicle near King William Island and, in September 2016, Franklin's second ship, the HMS Terror, was discovered off the shores of King William Island. The Northwest Passage can be explored on expedition cruises staffed with artists, academics and Inuit ( www.adventure Carving is common through Nunavut, but Cape Dorset is the epicentre of iconic Inuit sculptures that have been gifted to presidents, popes and royalty ( www. ). Their printmaking is also acclaimed, as is that of Pangnirtung ( ). MUST SEE, MUST DO Dogsled or kayak on a day trip out of Iqaluit ( Watch polar bears and walrus emerge from stone, antler and whalebone as carvers work outside their homes in most hamlets. See colourful northern lights flicker across the sky in fall and winter. Experience Inuit throat singing and drum dancing ( Taste traditional Inuit country food like Arctic char, caribou, muskox and fresh, hot bannock bread. Take an Arctic safari aboard a snowmobile- drawn Inuit sled from coastal Pond Inlet, Arctic Bay or Igloolik to the floe edge in springtime as wildlife, from whales to polar bears, take part in an open water feeding frenzy ( SCENIC WALKS Stroll easy paths through a tundra valley to waterfalls and cultural sites at Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park just outside Iqaluit ( places/territorial-parks/sylvia-grinnell). Hike the trail up the peak of 200-m (656-ft.) Mount Pelly in Ovayok Territorial Park east of Cambridge Bay for views, wildflowers and archaeological sites ( www.nunavut territorial-parks/ovayok-territorial). QUICK FACT INUIT OFTEN RAISE THEIR EYEBROWS INSTEAD OF SAYING "II" WHICH MEANS YES IN INUKTITUT. BRINGING ARCTIC DREAMS TO LIFE Arctic Safaris Family Adventures Private Journeys © Scott Rosborough 2016 ad.indd 1 2017-03-02 1:36 PM NU 157

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