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TRAVEL GUIDE TO CANADA P icture this: You're hiking up a national park trail, stopping periodically to photograph wild flowers and examine animal footprints. After more climbing, you pause to catch your breath and admire the splendid forest and lake scenery below. Just as your aching thighs demand a respite, you reach the summit and what do you see? Two inviting fire engine-red Muskoka chairs—perfect places to rest your feet, enjoy the view and take some selfies. RED CHAIRS Q] Where will you find the locations of more than 500 red chairs in national parks, national historic sites and national marine conservation areas from coast-to-coast? A] Check the Parks Canada website list or go to Twitter to find photos posted by other travellers ( connect; ). Q] What if you're too tired after hiking to put up a tent? What if you want to try the camping experience before you buy tents and sleeping bags? Or what if you're a fair-weather camper who doesn't want to set up camp in the rain? A] Parks Canada addresses all of these scenarios in several national parks and national historic sites with four types of ready-for-occupancy accommodations—yurts, cabins, teepees and oTENTik tents. Part tent, part A-frame cabin, each oTENTik has a floor, three beds, a table and chairs. Some even have heating and lighting ( ). FUN FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Q] Do you have kids between six and 11? Are you looking for activities that are educational, but entertaining? A] More than 50 Parks Canada sites offer the Xplorers program for children and their families. TIME TO CONNECT A DAY WITH PARKS CANADA BY BARB & RON KROLL PARKS CANADA

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